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Art4Heart.News - A regular updated Art Platform
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The Needles from Hurst Running gag Come le Foglie Hauxley Haven Moonlight and Driftwood Series 16bb, 2006 Distant Splendor

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Art4Heart.News is looking for artists to be featured on a new webbased quality art platform.

Art4Heart.News is looking for upcoming and established artists (photographers, digital artists, painters, illustrators, sculptors...) willing to share a piece of their current or past creations. To create a personal page for featured artists, artwork squired with some biographical and artwork applied information is needed.



Sunshiny Tune

Sunshiny Tune / Georg Huebner / 2008

There is a limitation of 10 files in high artistic and good jpeg quality to submit by one artist. Format your images to widest dimension 400 pixel. There is not a deadline. Five artists at most will be featured per issue. I prefer a first-come, first-served basis. Please hand in your texts only in english language. If you're not a native speaker (neither am I) just try your best. You'll get information about acceptance approximately publication date and issue number. Art4Heart.News reserves all the rights to accept, select or decline visual artwork to be displayed.

Featured artists will be linked to their website or alternatively to their e-mail adress. No fees, commissions or donations are awaited or will be charged to be promoted. If your artwork is not featured at the moment you certainly can have built an "ArtistLink". (read beneath)
An unsolicitous donation helps me to cover accruing hosting fees and compensate a bit of my time exposure - Thanks!

I showcase and share your artwork for the sake of art itself and the positive effects to our spirit heart and soul.

To make a longstory short: Art4Heart ;)

Art4Heart.News is created and brought to you by Georg Huebner. Vienna/Austria located Digital Artist and Photographer.





You want to have built a link in the "ArtistLinks" section? Just send me a mail including your site adress, a jpg with longest dimension 200 pixel that pictures your artwork best, the category, your name city state and country. l'll edit your data as soon as possible.

I would be pleased if you set up a backlink to this platform in your links section! If you do so please subjoin the url in your sent mail.

To create a link select a banner and point it to

If you are more experienced, adapt the codes below and paste it into your html. For white border omit the _1 of jpg. I'm sorry to solve it in that way but too many people where hotlinking huge images from my domain ;(


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For entries or guideline information view "Contact" or e-mail to